Ultra-fine Pitch
LED Display System
KEDACOM's JY series fine pitch LED screen solution, is specially designed as a highly professional level display solution for a variety of indoor applications, including command center and video communication room in particular, with options of 1.2mm and 1.5mm available.
In order to solve traditional LED screen solution's problem such as the lack of image fidelity in real-time monitoring, conference and command scenes, JY series uses high end LED components accompanied with KEDACOM image optimizing algorithm, which will truly reflect synchronous and vivid viewing image for command center
and video communication system. In addition, KEDACOM creates an innovative star topology connection scheme and redundancy backup mechanism making it applicable to 24/7 operations, which provides safety and reliability for your emergency dispatching system.
Professional Image Performance
Low Brightness but High Grey Scale
Professional Image  Processing
Wide Angle of View
16:9 & High Resolution
Delicate Industrial Design and Easy Maintenance
High Working Accuracy
Magnetic and Modular
Fanless & Silent
Graphic Management
System-level High Reliability
Pioneering Star Topology
Power and Link Redundancy